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Group Info

We are a fan group/club that focuses on one of the females in the Sonic franchise: Rouge the Bat! We are supporters/fans of her or are just artists interested in drawing, writing, etc. that includes her.

In this group, we have lots of artwork in our gallery that are from various categories. Such as custom plushies, traditional drawings, fan fictions, etc. We also have plenty of neat and talented artists that have contributed to our gallery. Writers, artists, fans, etc. are all allowed in this group. We feature many artworks that include Rouge the Bat into our gallery to help artists get noticed. Specifically under the Sonic fandom and Rouge the Bat artworks.

Please do note that none of the admins intend to draw notice to them. This group is all about featuring and promoting Rouge the Bat as well as artists and fans of her. All you'll see in here is just the bat herself and other sonic characters that are either seen with her or alone. But you will see Rouge the most in your inbox if you take some time to watch and/or join this group.

Have a great time getting your Rouge the Bat artworks promoted, and/or viewing plenty of Rouge the Bat art!
Founded 2 Years ago
Feb 12, 2012


Group Focus
Fan Club

387 Members
516 Watchers
35,604 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Literature, fanfictions
Other Sonic Characters REOPENED
Rouge With Friends 2
Couple Pairings 2
Rouge 3


We affiliate with any Sonic-related, Rouge the bat related, Sonic Couple related, and DA-related groups. If you send us an invitation that isn't any of the above related, we will decline it. If it is, we will accept it and hopefully it will go through. Check out our affiliates and join them, and help make them stronger.


This collection does not have any deviations yet!


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Group Rules

:police:Before you join, submit, suggest a favorite/blog entry, invite a friend, advertise, etc., please read ALL the text below.:police:



Due to limitations and needed guidelines, we have some minor/strict rules for the group. All members and admins are to follow them. If you are a +watcher that submits into the gallery, you also need to follow these as well. If you just watch this group for art, you do not have to follow them. BUT, if you wish to submit and/or join, you HAVE to follow these rules.

:police:Joining: :police:

We accept Rouge the bat fans and/or Sonic the hedgehog fans. We do not accept invitations for an admin position. That option will soon be removed. In the meantime, your invitation will be declined, due to us not needing any admin positions and/or if you did not earn it. We already have 3 admins in the group and if a position opens, you can't simply just get it by asking for an invitation. You will need certain qualities and a trust level to earn it and have your invitation accepted.

Otherwise, all invitations to members are auto-approved. No need to add a comment, it is optional, but we will occasionally read the comments you had left, even if it was auto-approved.

:police:Submitting: :police:

We have some rules for the folders and gallery. The folders are there for a reason to help keep the group organized and to help a visitor see the right types of art. And, trust me, they are really significant, due to the mature content on some deviations that younger viewers will not want to see on mistake.

All deviations that are submitted to the group gallery will be for voting. All votes expire in a week, so the admins have a few days to accept/decline your deviation. If you see no feedback or your work not in the group after a week, you might want to re-submit it or ask to it in the Comments section.

Deviations submitted to the Featured Folder will be declined. We decline deviations to the Featured folder because most artwork will have a proper folder for its place instead of Featured. Not only would it be a waste of time to organize it in the proper folder because you have the option to do so, but it is an important part to play a Members role to submit to the correct folders.

If you are not sure, you can submit it to the Featured folder anyway and an admin will decline it and tell you to re-submit it to the correct folder. OR you can ask about it in the comments. If there is no proper folder for your deviation(s), an admin will gladly make a new folder for it. Though, you might want to wait awhile for it to be open, due to the work behind it to allow other members to submit to it.

FAN CHARACTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE GROUP ANYMORE. The reason for this is because fan characters are not Rouge-related, even if they are Sonic the hedgehog-related. We have lately been more focused onto the bat instead of such fan characters. Other Sonic characters are allowed, that is the only exception for other characters than Rouge. Invitations to the Fan Characters, Fan Characters 2 folders are not an option, so you can't submit to it even if you had tried.

Fan characters are ONLY allowed if they are in a pairings with Rouge and/or fighting and/or standing with her in a group photo. That is the farthest exception of them being seen in the group, because they are included with Rouge. We just do not accept them in a single role. Fan Characters had seemed to take up a major part of the gallery than Rouge herself, so that is the reason why that's the only exception.

:bulletgreen:Stamps- Stamps of Rouge the bat and/or with Sonic characters.
:bulletpink:Literature, Fanfictions- Literature and/or fan fictions including Rouge the Bat. Whether containing pairings or not. Crossovers allowed.
:bulletblue:Team Dark- Art pieces of Rouge with Team Dark. May include Shadow the Hedgehog and/or E-123 Omega. Omega and/or Shadow's places may be switched, as long as it contains Rouge. Heroes outfit usage optional.
:bulletblack:Couple Pairings- Pairings included with Rouge the bat. Yuri allowed. Yaoi also allowed, with Rouge being genderbent. MATURE CONTENT NOT ALLOWED IN FOLDER. Crack pairings also allowed.
:bulletorange:Rouge with Friends- Rouge the bat included in a group photo and/or with another sonic/fan character.
:bulletred:MATURE FOLDER- Mature art pieces including Rouge the bat. Mature couple pairings and group photos allowed. 18+(strict) pieces allowed as well. ALL PIECES MUST HAVE THE MATURE CONTENT ON. Censorship permitted and recommended, but not strict. ALL MATURE PIECES MUST BE SENT IN THIS FOLDER.
:bulletyellow:Mermaids or Merbats- Mermaid Rouge the bat pieces. Included with a friend or not. Rouge made into a mermaid or merbat, however you'd like to call it.
:bulletpurple:Cosplay- Cosplay photos of Rouge the bat. Also with other Sonic characters. Can be real life Cosplay, other characters cosplaying as her.
:bulletgreen:Human Rouge- Rouge the bat formed into a human or having human features and/or textures. Can be gender-bent as well.
:bulletpink: Plushies or Toys- Artisan crafts and/or plushies, etc. photos. Any form of an object or toy with Rouge in it.
:bulletblue:Sprites- Sprites of Rouge the bat and/or with Sonic characters. Sprites are 2-D formed chibis(depending) of a character than can move or animated if pleased to make.
:bulletorange:Rouge 2- Art of Rouge solo.
:bulletred:Rouge with Foes- Rouge with any enemy fighting and/or in battle. Ex. Rouge VS Amy. Boxing and/or relatable allowed.
:bulletyellow:Crossovers- Rouge with another character from another fandom and/or movie, tv show, etc. Ex. Rouge and Princess Peach
:bulletpurple: Other Sonic Characters RE-OPENED- Other Sonic characters solo or in a group(w/out Rouge). Ex. Jet, Sonic, Tails
:bulletgreen:Comics- Comic pieces and/or covers including/starring Rouge the bat.

:police: AFFILIATION RULES: :police:

This group affiliates with ANY Sonic-related, Rouge the bat related, artist related groups. If it does not relate onto ANY of those things, the invitation will be declined. If you send us an affiliation invite, we will approve it or decline it. We need at least 3 admins approving it, an it might expire, due to the shortage of admins approving it. If so happens, feel free to ask us to affiliate YOU.

:police: Journal/Blog Entry Rules: :police:

ONLY the Admins are allowed to submit journal/blog entries. Most journal/blogs will be about the group itself or Rouge the bat, as the topic flows throughout the group. If members submit a journal, it will be removed and/or declined, unless it is important or about a contest. (Contests only about Rouge and/or Sega Sonic related.)

:police: Favorite Section Rules: :police:

Submissions to the Favorite section will be for voting, depending on the position. All are accepted, if Rouge the bat related. Rarely any pictures will go into the Favorites, but there are some that are added by the group itself. And, yes, it is alright if the piece is included in the gallery, you can still submit to Favorites if you wish.

We do have a folder for the Favorites, which is titled "Group Favorites," and we would really be glad if you submitted to that folder instead of "Featured."

:police: Noting Rules: (Sending a note to the Group) :police:

NOTES ABOUT SCAMS, POINT-GIVING, CONTEST SUPPORTING, FLAMING, ETC. WILL BE IGNORED/DELETED. ONLY note us if you have questions, troubles, or comments about the group itself. Not Rouge the bat comments, especially flaming. Notes about those will be replied to when we have a chance. Otherwise, notes about the stuff that will ignored/deleted will NOT have a reply.

The Note option is not a thing to toy with, since it is shown to the Admins. We have a Comments section that is shown to other Members. You can also use the Comments section to ask us questions, but, if you prefer to have it answered by an admin only, we suggest you use the Note option to ask.


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the Comments/Notes. If you feel that not much information is provided to you before joining, you are welcome to ask. Have fun contributing to the group! :)







Hello, everyone.

I had just now added the new replacing folder, "Rouge 3". It replaces the "Rouge 2" folder because that had gotten over 50 pages. Rather quickly, if you ask me, but that's a good thing. So, if you have artwork of Rouge the Bat with her  remaining solo, you can submit it there. You don't have the option to submit to the "Rouge 2" folder, anyway. If you do, please notify me right away so I can fix that.

You DO, on the other hand, have the ability to submit to the new folder. Everything is set, and the same rules still apply. Please follow them as you would to any other folder and yadda yadda.

Again, sorry for the inactiveness in newsfeed, but there hasn't been much to share. Rather than Sonic Boom, which I am pretty sure we are all notified of by now. If not, read our journal: "Inactiveness/Sonic Boom/Affiliates", where more info. can be read about that topic. (

So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. If you have any complaints, please tell them to me as well. And anything else follows with that as well.

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